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Britannia 1oz Coin Guide:

As the name suggests, Britannia 1 oz gold coin is a coin made of gold and is usually worth 100 euros. The high value, together with the tax exemption in Britain, makes it one of the best investment products in the UK. Although the coin is made with fine gold, other elements like copper and silver are also used to give it a shiny appearance. This shows that the coin is available in different colours and different versions. The coins have been around since 1987, with those older versions having 22 carats. Between 1987 to 1989, the coins were made with copper, but that changed to silver between 1990 and 2012. These older coins were considered to be more durable than those which were produced in 2013 onwards. The later versions were made with 24 carats, which made them more suitable for investment purposes only. They also had a larger diameter but were thinner.2qe

In 2004 the design was changed again with the coins taking up the original thickness and diameter. The amount of gold was kept constant, which means that whatever coin you own, you’ll have the same gold value. For most people, this type of coin is the best investment because of the benefits, which include exemption from value-added tax and capital gains tax. They are also very popular, especially in the UK, which makes them a great product to trade. You can easily find sellers and buyers of the gold, which means that a ready market is always easily accessible.

When buying the Britannia gold 1oz coin, its important to buy from a seller that has their coins verified, you could also have your verification done on the coin. The coins usually have a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and an image of lady Britannia. The Lady should be holding a shield, olive, and trident in her hands. However, some of the coins, especially the later versions, have a slightly different design. They feature a sunburst on the back of the Lady. The coin should also have the year it was minted printed on the rear end. Making sure you’re dealing with a legal supplier is also essential.

Lady Britannia has always been a prominent figure in history, or Britain and her inclusion in the coins symbolize that. She was initially included in Roman coins then in the 119AD and again in 1962. When the demand for bullion increased, leading to the release of the Britannia coins, she was again added to the new coins after a few modifications to her image were made. This new image, which comprised of the Lady standing tall in a windswept classical gown with olive and shield in one hand and trident, on the other hand, became an acceptable and relatable feature that even the international market related well with. This recognition made the Lady an identifiable feature that most people look for even today.

Apart from the value of the Britannia 1oz gold coin, its beauty is another reason why most people prefer them over most of the other similar coins available in the market. They are also seen a reliable since they are hardly affected by the changing financial markets. These coins aren’t just investment materials. They can also be great tools for those who love to collect coins. Even though some of their features have changed over the years. They have maintained the same outline with most of the recognizable and popular features, like the images remaining the same. This brings a sense of reliability that most people love,

The coins are available in different forms. Other than the versions you also buy them in smaller sizes. You can buy them in halves, quarters, or even tenths. This makes the coins available for those who can’t afford the whole Britannia gold coin. The smaller ounces are also produced by the royal mint. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about authenticity and value. If you choose to buy these special coins for investment purposes, then you should start with the UK market before you move to international markets. This is because the coins are more prevalent in the region more than in other places, so they will give you enough time to hone your skills and increase your chances of profitability. You’ll also get to experience all the benefits above when you invest in the UK market.

What’s New In 2021 Britannia 1oz Gold Coins?

Britannia gold coins are truly precious. But, in 2021 these coins have undergone some major changes. The design of these coins is now enhanced. Newly added 4 security features have made the Britannia 1oz coin (gold) valuable and secured.

1) The First Security Feature – A Latent Image

This image acts like a hologram. Two symbols are kept latent in this image. A padlock and a trident can be seen. But, you can’t see these symbols simultaneously.

2) The Second Security Feature – Animated Background

The background of Britannia’s image appears wavy. Light makes these waves alive. It’s the new animated background.

3) The Third Security Feature – Micro Text

DECUS ET TUTAMEN – is written around the image of Britannia. This micro text makes the coin look more glamorous.

4) The Fourth Security Feature – Tincture Lines On The Shield

Britannia is standing in the coin with her trident, olive branch, and shield. Union Flag is carved on this shield. In 2021 the flag has some tincture lines on it.

Can You Collect Britannia 2021 Gold Coins?

Yes, you can collect Britannia gold proof coins. Because Britannia bullion coins are a good choice for investors. Collectors should buy gold proof coins.

How Can You Differentiate Between A Britannia Bullion and A Gold Proof Gold Coin?

The image of Britannia on the reverse of the coin can tell you the primary difference. A 2021 gold proof coin has an image of Britannia sitting with her lion. But, the gold bullion coin (2021) has no lion with Britannia. Moreover, Britannia is seen standing in a bullion coin.

Why 2021 Is The Best Year To Buy Britannia 1oz Coin?

Britain is celebrating the 95th birthday of its queen – Elizabeth II in 2021. So, the gold coins (2021) have immense historic value. You should remember that Britain has never celebrated such an event in its history. Hence, the 2021 Britannia gold coins are the proof of history.

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