The Britannia 1oz Gold Coin

As a budding investor, you probably want to invest in a gold coin that is tax-free without attracting risks from the counterparty. The thought of having a coin that sums up as a legal tender and recognized form of currency is enough is reason enough to make you invest in it. Think of the perks that come with these coins are great. With this legal tender, you will not have the pay capital gains tax or get exposed to the risks that come with currencies and equities. The coin currencies are many, but only Britannia 1oz gold bullion coin has won the investors across Europe and other parts of the world.

Why trade with Britannia 1oz Gold Coin?

Picture this for a second: The UK uses physical gold to protect its wealth. Therefore, investing in gold coins and the gold Sovereign, which is valuable today, is one way of protecting your investment. Because they have in circulation thanks to the value of the physical gold, these coins can be equated to legal tender or currency. Unlike other investments, the Britannia gold coin protects you from paying any tax. You stand to gain a lot for this very impressive feature for an investment when you trade with Britannia gold coin now. Also, gold coins are divisible, making it easier to liquidate to closer denominations. This explains why gold coins are flexible forms of investments than other types of currencies.

Why buy Britannia 1oz gold coins now?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular with investors who are keen on earning big shortly. As expected, many myths tend to paint crypto coins in a bad light. With the ongoing changes in the money market, people fear to invest in things whose profits are not very straightforward. While it is natural for you to be uncertain about the future, you can never go wrong with gold coins when you trade wisely.

Getting your dividends after selling your coins should be your ultimate goal as an investor. The general idea is that the value of your coin is expected to rise during the time you own them. So, perfect timing and luck will not determine the amount of profit you will get after selling. As expected, there are few tips to help you crystallize your gains after selling your Britannia gold coins.

1.Know the worth of your investment

Since it was first introduced in 1987, Britannia has become popular among gold bullion investors’ portfolios. Because it represents the British Royal Mint’s contribution to the 1-ounce means of investing, it boasts of a 100Euro face value.

Coins dated 1987 to 2012 are worth 22K, while those dated 2013 to date are worth 24K, hence earning the mark “ fine gold.”

2.Know both the VAT and capital gain taxes

For as little as 26Euros, gold Britannia offers competitive and tax-free investment opportunities. Most of these coins are only available in sets, so the ones you will find maybe a little expensive. In the debut year, only 10,000 proof sets were available. This means that a four-coin 1987 proof set will earn you up to $190.

3.Buy genuine Britannia coins

Anything as valuable as Britannia gold coin is likely to attract fraudsters from all angles. Differentiating between a genuine and a fake coin is difficult for any layman. Thanks to the interventions by Royal Mint in 2014, it is easy to authenticate the coin as long as it bears eight stamped galloping horses. So for one or two coins, you will spend at least $100. But then you will get it for less than that when you buy 20 or more. All these measures by the Royal mint are to ensure gold Britannia continues to reign in the UK.

For most people, Investing in Britannia 1-ounce gold now may seem like a taking a wild guess. Others may choose to hold on to them, hoping that the value of the coin will increase in value in the near future. But what they fail to realize are the tax-free benefits and the possibility of crystallizing their profits after selling them. With this in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in Britannia 1oz to gain massive profits.