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Finding the Cheapest Gold Britannia Coins

Gold Britannia coins can be a great investment for investors of all caliber, whether they can afford to buy them by the tube or have to simply buy them one at a time. Gold Britannia coins are not only collector’s items, but they are also an investment in precious metals, being made as of 2013 out of pure 24 karat gold and 22 karat gold before that. As well, their status as technical legal tender in Great Britain means that the transference of gold Britannia coins is not subject to the same taxation laws as other transactions.

Since their first pressing in 1987, gold Britannia coins have been a prestige item in the eyes of both investors and collectors. Gold Britannia coins appeal to investors due to the fact that they are made out of gold, an investment that is typically seen as one of the most sound investments one can make. If you invest in gold, there is little to no chance that you won’t make at least a small profit so long as you aren’t forced to sell your share for less than the current market value. Unlike investing in businesses and stocks, there is little to no risk involved when it comes to investing in precious metals, especially gold. Not only are gold Britannia coins worth their weight in gold, whatever the market dictates that value to be, but they also often have added value due to their collector’s appeal. Each year features a run of coins with unique engravings, meaning each run of coins is special in it’s own way, with each coin oftentimes having a value that far exceeds it’s own weight in gold.

Because gold Britannia coins are such a popular and prestigious investment, many people wonder how to go about finding the most reasonably priced gold Britannia coins on the market. Of course, it stands to reason that, when making an investment, one wishes to pay the smallest overall amount in order to net the largest profit in the long-run. While gold Britannia coins traditionally hold their value and only seem to steadily increase in value over time, there are some tricks to keep in mind that may allow you to get gold Britannia coins for a slightly better deal. Let’s explore some way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to gold Britannia coins.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Gold Britannia CoinsBuying Online Directly From a Retailer

As with anything, the more people are involved in your transaction, the more you stand to pay. If you are buying gold Britannia coins from a brick-and-mortar store, you may end up paying more given the overhead costs involved in maintaining said brick-and-mortar operation. As well, if you are buying from an independent seller, their may be some collector’s or sentimental value attached that will raise the price, and larger quantities of coins might not even be available. Your best bet when buying gold Britannia coins, then, is to find a reliable online seller that will allow you to purchase however many coins you need at a reasonable value, shipped directly to you with no exuberant overhead costs involved.

Buying In Bulk

On top of buying from a reliable online seller, buying in bulk will also traditionally net you a better deal than buying gold Britannia coins individually. While uncirculated coins can ostensibly be bought in any quantity they are available, from just one to over 100, they are usually going to be a better deal the more you get. This decrease in price may be minimal and it may be noticeable, but when it comes to investments, every little bit counts. Uncirculated coins of current and recent runs will come in protective packaging, and lots of 10 coins will come in mint tubes. The more you buy, the more you traditionally stand to save, that is, unless you are specifically eyeing coins from an out-of-print run for some sentimental purpose.

Buying Current Runs

Besides buying large quantities from large sellers, focusing on current and recent runs will typically be the way to go for investors. There are multiple schools of thought on this, as older coins may increase in value faster when collector’s appeal is taken into account, but those buying in larger quantities are traditionally going to want to focus on current and recent runs. If you are simply buying a single coin, you may look around to find a reasonably-priced coin from a past year, but bulk orders of such coins are going to be a tough prospect, as those coins are all already circulated. The way to go for investors looking to procure a large amount of coins is always going to be current and recent runs in bulk from established and reliable online sellers.

Buying When the Price of Gold Is At It’s Lowest

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that, although the price of gold is generally increasing, there may be slight fluctuations at any given time that can make coins cheaper one week than they are the next. For this reason, paying careful attention to trends and the price of gold overall before making a purchase of gold Britannia coins, whether just one or several, is always the way to go. Doing your research beforehand is always the best way to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to any investment, and gold Britannia coins are no exception.

Gold Britannia Coins Are Always a Great Investment!

Even at times when the price of gold is slightly higher, gold Britannia coins can be seen as a lucrative investment. While there are always small waves, the price of gold has increased steadily over history. Gold has stood the test of time as one of the most lucrative and stable investments that a person can make, with putting your money into gold often being seen as a much more solid investment even than putting your money into savings. Whether you can afford one gold Britannia coin or several, they will always stand as a great place to invest your money.

How Can You Identify Real Gold Britannia Bullion Coins?

Gold Britannia coins can be bought from online and physical stores. But, before investing in these coins, you must know – how to identify real gold coins.

These coins have two images. You can see Elizabeth II (the prestigious queen of the UK) on the front side. On the back, lady Britannia (with her trident, shield, and an olive branch) can be seen.

What Do The Images Mean?

The images represent glory, royalty, honor, courage, and trust. The image of the Queen Elizabeth II is an emblem of royalty. From 1953 to 2021 – there are five portraits of the prestigious queen. Different designers/ artists have sketched these images. So, the Queens image is an inseparable part of these coins.

Lady Britannia is a symbol of glory and courage. Romans used this symbol on their coins. Later, Britain also began to use this symbol on their coins (since 1600). She (Britannia) rules the waves. Thus, she is the symbol of Britain’s naval strength. It’s needless to say that the name ‘Britain’ was inspired by her name.

Why Do ‘2020 and 2021’ Gold Coins Look Different?

The front side of the coins has not undergone many changes. But, some security features are added to the reverse side. In 2020, the gold coins have a radial sunburst behind Lady Britannia.

But, 2021 gold coins are a little different. These coins have four advanced security features. Hence, they are one of the safest gold coins in the world.

The four security features are –

1) The background of lady Britannia has a wavy animation. If you move the coin, you can see waves in Britannia’s background.

2) A micro text is engraved circling the Britannia’s image. The text is – Decus et Tutamen.

3) A small latent image is also added to this coin. This round image can be seen near the feet of lady Britannia. A padlock and a trident’s symbols are hidden in this image. Only one of these images is visible at the same time.

4) The shield of lady Britannia has thin lines on it. These lines reflect light and they help to make the shield shinier.

So, ‘The Royal Mint’ has made it easier to detect the gold coins. But, at the same time, they have made it harder to copy the coins. Hence, you can buy real gold Britannia coins without any hesitation.

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