Britannia gold coin 2019 Word

What is the gold Britannia coin? The gold Britannia is one ounce of gold, which measures 32.69mm and a weight of 34.050 g. The coin was minted for the first time in 1987. The Britannia coin is a British bullion coin that is issued by the royal mint in various fractions. It is issued in […]

Britannia 1oz Coin Guide:

As the name suggests, Britannia 1oz gold coin is a coin made of gold and is usually worth 100 euros. The high value, together with the tax exemption in Britain, makes it one of the best investment products in the UK. Although the coin is made with fine gold, other elements like copper and silver […]

The Britannia 1oz Gold Coin

As a budding investor, you probably want to invest in a gold coin that is tax-free without attracting risks from the counterparty. The thought of having a coin that sums up as a legal tender and recognized form of currency is enough is reason enough to make you invest in it. Think of the perks […]