Why Invest In 1oz Gold Britannia?

If you are looking for a good investment opportunity in these tough and difficult times, then you are in the right place. We will be looking at the much talked about and popular Gold Britannia coin. According to many financial and investment experts, this could be one of the best investment products. Though there are many such investment products and opportunities, this particular investment product has some unique opportunities. To begin with it has a respectable status as British Legal Tender. It is also exempt from certain taxes like VAT and Capital Gains Tax. Therefore, many small and big investors find this to be one of the best avenues for multiplying their money. Further, the gold Britannia bits are available for delivery that is free, fully insured and the delivery is also allocated efficiently.

Why Is It So Popular

These 1oz Gold Britannia coins come with a nominal face value for GBP 100 and it contains 1 troy ounce of high quality and pure form of gold weighing 31.1 gram. There are a few size specifications that one should bear in mind. The coins that are minted between the period 1987 and 2012 come with a 32.69 mm diameter. They have one troy ounce of pure gold of 22-carat standard. They are mixed with 2.946 grams of copper or silver. The coins minted after 1990 till 2012 have silver as the alloy while those prior to 1990 have copper as the alloy mixture.

There were some changes since 2013. The manufactures move to a higher quality 24 carat gold. The 1oz gold coins came with a measurement of around 38.61 mm. The 24 carat gold coins had a flatter and thinner style and appearance. The overall thickness was just between 1.58 to 1.65 mm. However, the thinner design had a life of only one year. Hence, from 2014 the manufacturers went back to the previous 32.69 mm gold coins having a thickness of around 2.8 mm. But they ensured that the quality remained good and they did not change the 24-carat standards. We need to bear in mind that whether it is 22-carat or 24-carat the amount of gold continues to be the same.

What Does It Feature?

Each gold Britannia coin of 1oz comes with the head of Queen Elizabeth II and it on the obverse. This has some historical importance because it reminds us of the famed British Empire and also takes the investors back to the Roman Empire. You also have an opportunity to invest in gold bullion investment coins of various denominations of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 ounce sizes.

Reasons For Investing in Gold Britannia

There are some obvious reasons for investing in these gold Britannia coins. First and foremost, as mentioned above these are British legal tenders. Further, these investments are exempt from CGT or Capital Gains Tax. CGT is the tax that one has to pay on profits generated from the sale of assets. When you sell these Britannia coins and make profits out of it, you will not be required to pay Capital Gains Tax. This is because these coins come under the UK laws that rule sale and purchase of gold bullion. As per these rules the coins are fully exempt from VAT. Hence, if you are looking for a tax-efficient way of investing then it is quite obvious that you will be able to save much more when compared to taxed investments.

Free Insurance & Next Day Delivery

There are a few more reasons why it makes sense to invest in these gold Britannia coins. First and foremost, they are available at astonishingly low premiums. Free delivery the next day with full insurance is more reason why it is a good investment. It also is considered by experts to be one of the best ways of investing in gold bullion where the returns are quite good. Those who invest in Britannia gold bullion will be able to have physical ownership of the gold coins. Therefore it has real value and is not just a piece of paper. If you are able to invest big money in these Britannia gold coins, you will be able to reap big benefits over a period of time. There is no doubt that gold is one of the safest and time-tested hedges against inflation, recession and other such economic problems. As the world moves through tough time, those who are smart investors would certainly like to have a closer look at the 1oz Gold Britannia coins.