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Gold Britannia Coins For Sale – Collect Yours Now

Do you want to buy Gold Britannia Coins? But you don’t know how, when, and where to buy them and what to look for before buying gold coins? If so, then stop right here, now you do not need to worry because we are here. In this article, we are going to discuss each and everything that you need to know.

Britannia gold coins are a good investment option because they are exempted from Value Added Tax. Also, they are qualified as investment quality gold. In the same way, any kind of gains on these coins are also free from all the tax known as capital gains. The reason behind this is because these coins have a face value feature and that is why they are qualified as legal tender or business in the United Kingdom.

Before we dive deeper, let’s first understand what exactly are gold coins, what they are used for, what are their specifications, where to buy them, what is their worth to everything else that you need to know. We hope, by the end, you’ll be fully informed about Gold Britannia coins. Also, if you’re looking to buy Gold Britannia coins, we are here to help you out with the best options.


Basically, Britannia Gold Coins are the coins issued in 1987 by the royal mint. They are coins of British Bullion and contain one troy of gold. The face value of the gold Britannia coins is £100.

These coins can be issued to the public in many sizes such as one, one and a half, quarter, one-tenth ounce and their face values are £10, £25, and £50 accordingly.

Moreover, in the year 2013, two more additional coins were found. These additional coins were a five troy ounce of the coin with the face value of £500 and another was a one-twentieth ounce of the coin with the face value of £5.

In front of the coin, the picture of Queen Elizabeth II is printed. Apart from this, the reverse or the back of the coin is printed with the picture of Lady Britannia. In that image, she is holding a shield in her one hand and an olive branch and trident in the other hand. In addition to this, it also contains the year in which it was being minted.


From the year 2013, the fineness of gold coins is 0.9999, or we can say 24 carats.

But until the year 2012, the millesimal fineness of gold Britannia coins was 0.917, or we can say 22 carats. Also, copper was included in it as a nongold component until 1989 and also silver was included in it from 1990.

Now, what are the specifications of gold Britannia coins( including the content of gold and total weight) in 2013?

  • The diameter of five ounces of the coin is 65 mm that equals 156.295 grams.
  • The diameter of the one-ounce coin is 38.61 millimeters, this is the larger and thinner coin in 2013.
  • In 2014, the diameter of the one-ounce coin was 31.104 grams or 32.69 mm.
  • Half ounce coin is of a diameter of 27 mm or 15.60 gm.
  • A quarter ounce is of a diameter of 7.86 gm or 22 mm.
  • The diameter of one-tenth ounce is 16.5 mm or 3.13 gm.
  • Similarly, the twentieth ounce is of the diameter 1.58 gm or 12 mm.

As you know about the specifications of gold Britannia coins in 2013, so let’s have a look at the specifications before 2013. That is, below we have discussed specifications of gold Britannia from 1987-2012. Here we have just included the gold content.

  • One ounce gold Britannia coin is of the diameter 32.69 mm or 32.104 grams.
  • The diameter of half an ounce was 27 mm or we can say 15.552 grams.
  • One-fourth ounce was of diameter 22 mm or 7.776 grams.
  • And ten ounces were of the diameter 16.5 mm or 3.110 grams.


As we have already told, investing in the gold Britannia coins is a pretty great idea as it will profit you much. Moreover, there are many places as well as many people who put gold britannia coins for sale.

If you wish to invest in gold coins, then there can be nothing better than the gold Britannia coins. They are the most famous option available for you at a low premium rate and with assured delivery on the next day. As they do not include any value-added tax. Also, you do not need to pay any taxes on gains as well.

Furthermore, the gold Britannia coin of 1oz is the best profit giving investment option. The other reason is that it is available at quite low margins. Also, it’s most famous in the UK because of legal tender in British.


Read everything about gold coins but are still confused about their worth and wondering about the same? If so, then stop wondering because Gold Britannia coins are totally worth it!

They were introduced in the year 1987 with a face value of £100, which is the highest and biggest denomination Gold Britannia coin of the kingdom.

Also, the most popular 1oz Gold Britannia Coin is also in the market in tenth, quarter, and half-ounce coins. And these coins have a total denomination value of £50, £25, and £10 respectively.


And we are done! We are at the end of this article and we hope you are now fully aware of all the things that you needed to know about Gold Britannia coins.

If you were worried about making an investment in Gold Britannia coins, then you do not need to worry about that, at least now. They are a good investment option because they do not include any kind of tax for example Value Added Tax. Just because of this reason, the gains also don’t include any kind of tax. So it’s a win-win, you can definitely invest in Gold Britannia Coins because it’s totally worth it.

Why The 2021 Gold Britannia Coins Are Called The Safest Ones?

2021 bullion gold coins of Britannia are completely different from other Britannia gold coins. This year ‘The Royal Mint’ has designed these gold coins from a new perspective.

Previously Britannia gold coins had mild security features. An investor would have to depend on the certificate to prove the coin’s authenticity.

But, in 2021 ‘The Royal Mint’ has added 4 unique and powerful security features. These features make the coins visually identifiable. This means anybody can now tell – whether the bullion gold coins are fake or real!

The coin has an image that has two latent symbols. A padlock and a trident symbol act as a hologram mark. So, you can only see either of them. The shield of the Britannia now has tincture lines on them (second security feature).

The background of Britannia’s image has an animated (wavy) background. The micro-text (DECUS ET TUTAMEN) around the Britannia’s image is the fourth security feature of this coin.

So, an investor can inspect all these features before buying the Britannia gold coins.

Which 2021 Britannia Gold Coins Are Perfect For Collections?

You can collect 2021 Britannia gold proof coins. These coins are available in sets and singles. Moreover, the coins come with a certificate from ‘The Royal Mint’. Hence, these gold Britannia coins are ideal for collection.

Why 2021 Is The Best Year When You Should Collect and Invest In Britannia Gold Coins?

The Queen of Britain – Elizabeth II celebrates her 95th birthday in 2021. That’s why it’s a historic year. You can find many special gold coins released by ‘The Royal Mint’ in 2021.

But, Britannia gold coins have their own histories. These coins are like rare treasures. In 2021 these coins witness a historic moment. So, you can imagine the value of these gold coins. Hence, collect and invest in these gold coins spontaneously.

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