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A Look at Gold Britannia Coins

For collector’s and investors alike, gold Britannia coins have stood the test of time since their first minting in 1987 to become some of the most beloved coins on the market, in the United Kingdom or otherwise. As premium 24 karat gold bullion since 2013 and 22 karat gold bullion before then, gold Britannia coins have served as gold bullion but also as historical and cultural collector’s pieces for those interested in the history of the United Kingdom and Britannia herself. Gold Britannia coins come in several denominations, with the predominant denomination being the 1oz gold Britannia coin. This coin, the highest denominational coin legally recognized in the United Kingdom, serves as the centrepiece of each run. With a unique engraving each run, there are many different gold Britannia coins for collectors to try and get their hands on. Not only are these coins valuable as collector’s items, but they are also valuable as gold bullion. For both these reasons, gold Britannia coins continue to appeal to many buyers.

The History of Gold Britannia Coins

The gold Britannia coin, and all other Britannia coins, are named after Britannia herself. Britannia has become the female representation of the entire British Empire. Britannia has been a dominant figure throughout history, and is no stranger to being the face of a coin. Her first appearance on a coin can be dated back to 1672, when Great Britain was under the reign of Charles II. From this initial appearance, Britannia would become iconic for her appearance on coins of all variety for years to come. For many, Britannia represents the full wealth and power of Great Britain.

Britannia’s Iconic Design

While each engraving is unique, the design of Britannia herself has remained consistent, although minor changes have been made from time to time, such as switching her iconic spear to a more esoteric trident. This image, which carried over to her depiction on the gold Britannia, serves as a testament to the wealth of the nation and it’s ability to overcome the trials of history. Surely, there is no depiction of Britannia more iconic than her depictions on the gold Britannia coins printed by the Royal Mint since 1987. Inspired by the rise in gold investors seen throughout the 1980s, the Royal Mint decided to commemorate the historic image of Britannia in the largest valued coin the market hard ever seen. The 1oz gold Britannia coin took the world by storm, and the image of Britannia was rejuvenated in the culture at large, more prestigious than ever before.

Gold Britannia Coins Pose Tax Benefits for Investors

One unique benefit that the gold Britannia coin posed for investors in gold was that it’s status as legal tender gave it unique advantages as far as taxation laws were concerned. Specifically, gold Britannia coins are free from V.A.T. taxes and capital gains taxes. As well, when compared to shares in a business or personal property, there are no stamp duties that need to be paid when transferring gold Britannia coins. For these reasons and many others, gold Britannia coins quickly became a go-to for gold investors looking to get the absolute most out of their investment.

Gold Britannia Coins Are More Than Just An Investment

Another unique aspect that gold Britannia coins present in terms of investment potential is their status as a collector’s item. As official coins printed by the Royal Mint, each run sees uniquely designed gold Britannia coins that quickly take on a mythos of their own. Not only are these coins a great investment in terms of pure gold, but they were also sought-after collectors pieces in their own right. Gold Britannia coins are essentially the perfect storm for collectors and investors alike, having become an instant success in terms of cultural popularity and investment potential.

The First Gold Britannia Coin

The very first gold Britannia coin featured a depiction of Britannia designed by Philip Nathan. This depiction showed Britannia standing beside the sea with her trident, On the back of the original coin was a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, rendered lovingly by Raphael David Maklouf. This backside remained consistent up until 1998, when a sculptor by the name of Ian Park-Broadley was given the opportunity to have his design utilized as the new backside of the coin. The image of Britannia herself has changed consistently, leading to many unique variations of the iconic gold Britannia. Each variation has it’s own appeals and some can go for more than others, leading to unique fluctuations in the market independent of the price of gold bullion.

Gold Britannia Coins Are a Great Investment

Whether you’re looking to get into investing in gold or want to invest in gold Britannia coins for their historical and collector’s value, gold Britannia coins pose a great investment for anyone with the money to spare. Their value increases over time both due to their precious metals and due to their rarity and cultural appeal. As well, the unique tax benefits posed to investors makes investing in gold Britannia coins a no-brainer when compared to other forms of investment on the market, whether they be personal property or businesses. When it comes to gold Britannia coins, you can rest assured your investment is stable. Gold prices consistently rise over time, and you can ensure that whatever value you put into gold Britannia coins will maintain even where other investments may wain and struggle. With gold Britannia coins, you are not only getting a little piece of history, you are getting a great investment that will remain secure and stable well into the future.

Where to Buy Gold Britannia Coins

For those looking to procure gold Britannia coins, they can be purchased in their uncirculated form from online retailers with discounts offered for bulk purchases. Current runs are available in whatever quantities remain from their minting and can be purchased individually or in mint tubes containing batches of ten. The more coins you buy, the less each coin will typically cost you. Coins will traditionally go up in value over time, both due to increase in the price of gold bullion in the rarity of that specific run.

What Are The Two Most Famous Gold Britannia Coins?

Britannia gold proof coins and Britannia bullion gold coins are the most famous gold coins. The gold proof coins are good for collections. Though, you will get a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ with these coins. So, you can sell them.

The bullion coins are known for investments. These gold coins have good weight and their designs are unique. So, investors from all over the world choose them.

How Can You Identify Their Latest Editions (2021)?

Gold Proof Coins – 2021

The latest editions of a Britannia gold proof coin can be easily detected. You can see the coin has two images carved on it. The first image is Elizabeth II (the current queen of Britain). The second image is carved on the coin’s back. This is the image of lady Britannia.

Lady Britannia can be seen with her lion. She is sitting and one of her hands is on the lion’s back. Her famous trident and the shield can be seen on her other hand. The coin’s weight, value of gold, and the year of minting are also engraved on this coin.

Bullion Gold Coins – 2021

The bullion gold coin’s face has the same image of the queen Elizabeth II. But, the background of this image is not plain. The queen’s background appears rough.

The reverse side of bullion coins has been designed with some stringent security features. You will see 4 (four) new features in 2021 bullion gold coins.

A hologram-like image and an animated wavy background are the two strong features of this coin. Moreover, you can also see a micro text and a newly-designed shield at the hand of lady Britannia.

Which Coin Is Safer To Invest In? (2021)

You should invest in the Britannia gold bullion coins. Because these coins have some improved safety features. The 2021 gold bullion coins can be called one of the safest gold Britannia coins in the world. So, you can invest in these gold coins.

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