Benefits of Buying Gold Britannia Coins

If you want to protect the assets, you have to care about the devaluation of money. The money, in the paper form, is losing its value every coming day. Unlike previous times, you will not be able to buy the same amount of stuff with the same amount of money. To protect the assets, you have to diversify your portfolio. There are multiple ways of diversifying your portfolio but the most secure one is investing your money in gold.

When people think about gold, they will only consider gold jewellery. There is a better way of investing in this commodity. You can buy the historic gold coins. One of the most secure coins to invest your money is the British Britannia coin. This coin is designed with a picture of a feminine version of Britain. There are a lot of advantages to buy gold Britannia coins. Some of these advantages are given below.

Historic advantage

This coin was first introduced by the manufacturer named Royal Mint. The Royal Mint produced that coin for the first time in 1987. It was one of the first gold coins introduced that gave a good return on investment. When you buy gold Britannia coins, there is a basic value of the gold. It is not the only way you will grow your investment because the British Britannia gold coin is historically important. It is a collectable item so people will pay more than the price of the gold to buy this coin. All the historical items are collectable and these coins can be extremely valuable for a person trying to collect these coins. If the Britannia gold coin is in good condition and it has a history attached to it, it can be a valuable asset for you. Britannia gold coin firstly came in 22 Carat form but after 2013, it is coming in 99% gold form. One may consider that the new coins are more valuable but the older coins with better appearance can sell for more because of its history.

Tax exemptions

There are a lot of ways you can get the tax exemption and buying Britannia gold coin is one of the best ways. This will not only give you an examination of the VAT as it can also give you the benefit of capital gain tax exemption. There are only a few investments that are capable of giving both of these tax exemptions. You must know that when you will get the tax exemption. The VAT exemption and the capital gain exemption are different. VAT is called value-added tax and it should be paid on every selling item. The capital gain tax will only be applicable if you have to gain money from your investment. When you sale the gold coin for 179% of the gold price, you will get these tax exemptions. If you are selling the coin at a price of more than 180%, it will be considered a collectable item and not the Britannia gold coin. In this case, you will have to pay the tax. Whenever you are investing in the coins especially when you buy gold Britannia coins, you should keep these details in mind.

Good returns

All of us are looking for a good return on investment. When you are purchasing the real estate property, you will be worried about the decrease in the value of the property. Other fields of investment like shares and Forex are also not considered secure because of high-risk involvement. When you are looking for a good return on investment with the low risk, you should go for the Britannia gold coin. When you combine the capital gain tax exemption and VAT exemption with the increasing value of the gold, you will get a perfect option to invest your money.

Protection from crisis

A lot of crisis can come these days due to rapidly growing economies. The rise and fall of the economy is a normal thing these days. Everyone wants to invest where crisis can not affect the value of the asset. Gold is the asset to invest especially in this time because the inflation does not affect the gold. Britannia coin is the best way of investing in gold. If you are looking for something to invest that is secure from the crisis, you should look no further and select this option.

Secure investment

Most of us will not understand the benefits of the Britannia coin until we understand how secure this investment is. The security of investment depends upon many factors like if you can keep it secure with you and if there a possibility that the investment will become a complete loss. in the case of Britannia coin, you can keep the coin with you or you can keep the coin in the bank. It will be readily available whenever you need to sale it. This investment does not depend on any organisation because it is made up of gold. It is not like any other investment that can be controlled by big organizations.

Long-term benefit

People want to get long term benefits so they can buy gold Britannia coins. In the case of the real estate growth is consistent but the local situation can decrease the value of these things. Paper money is always depreciating. When you buy gold Britannia coins, it can become a powerful asset if it is kept secure. There are only 1% Britannia gold coins these days that are made up of 22-carat gold and have a history. In future, the coin in your hand can become a historical souvenir. You should keep the coin in the plastic lamination to avoid the wear and tear on the coin.


By looking at all the aspects of Britannia coins, we can say that it is an amazing investment. It is better than keeping the gold jewellery or paper money. Buying Britannia gold coin can give many benefits because it is a secure investment that can become a historical souvenir and give a good return on investment.