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Britannia Gold Coins – Why Should You Consider Those for Investment

The Britannia 10z gold coin is a highly attractive investment product in the UK. Its popularity is largely due to due to its availability at low margins and its status as a legal tender authorized by the UK government. In practical terms, this means the Britannia 10z gold coin is exempt from both VAT and Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This is a much sought-after good investment product for all those seeking to make a secured yet high return on investment (RoI). Gold Britannia coins are easily available for free delivery for insured and allocated storage. You too can buy Britannia gold coins and make a profit.


Gold Britannia 10z is popular British bullion with £100 face value. One gold coin contains 31.1 g of pure gold. These coins were first minted in 1987 and those minted between 1987 and 2012 have 22-carat coins and a diameter of 32.69mm. These coins contain an ounce of gold and 2.946g of Copper or silver. From 1987 to 1989, copper and from 1990 to 2012, Silver was used as the additional material that also gave the coins its distinct color.


In 2013, gold Britannia coins began to be made with 24-carat gold, instead of 22 carats so far. Its diameter became a standard size of 38.61mm. The first mint of Britannia gold coins the full purity came in a thin make of 1.58-1.65mm. This was bigger in size and rather flat in shape. This version of the gold coins lasted just one season. In 2014, the coin returned to its original size of 32.69 diameters and 2.8 mm of thickness. Now, the coins are available in both 22-karat and 24-karat purity but the value of gold in both the coins is the same.


All Britannia coins feature the head of enigmatic Queen Elizabeth II and the Britannia, the British national icon, on the two sides of the coin. The British icon on these coins is found to be on the British coins since the days of the Roman Empire. The Britannia coins are available in different denominations — 1/4, and 1/10 ounce.


Investments in Britannia are quite profitable as it enjoys the distinction of British legal tender. This special status of Britannia makes it exempt from any tax on the profit made through buying and selling of these coins. In other words, these coins do not attract Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

In simpler words, it means no matter how big is the profit you make from the sales of the Britannia coins you are going to keep the entire profit without provisioning for any tax. You can spend the profit as you wish or you can reinvest in Britannia coins or any other investment products.

Thanks to the liberal tax regime offered by the UK government, investment in gold Britannia is also exempt from the regular VAT. These tax benefits make investments in gold Britannia a highly tax efficient way of parking your wealth safely and securely.


You can easily buy Britannia gold coins and book profit over time. There are many offline and online outlets that sell gold Britannia coins. You can buy these coins and get them delivered at your home fully insured next day. This means investments in gold Britannia coins are not only highly profitable but also very secure and convenient.


When you invest in gold Britannia bullions, you get a piece of real gold. You have physical possession of gold coins when you buy Britannia coins. It’s not a gold bond that comes as a promise in a piece of paper. It brings the contentment and confidence of possessing physical gold that holds real value in contrast to paper gold.

When it comes to investment in Britannia coins, the storage of these coins in a safe and secure manner is an important aspect. Another important thing to consider is how much of gold coins your investment portfolio should constitute.

To make your investments in gold bullions a truly convenient affair, there are quite a few service providers who offer storage solutions for your assets in bullion. These services are fully insured and may come for as low as £10 per month.


Prior to 2013, gold bullion coins were 22 karat, now each ounce of these coins is 99.99% pure. The gold Britannia coins were first minted in 1987 by Royal Mint. These coins have been growing in popularity over the years. The silver Britannia coins were introduced by the Royal Mini in 1997. As these coins proved to be reliable investment products for many ordinary as well as professional investors, a new investment product, platinum Britannia coins were introduced in 2017.


The gold Britannia coins come with a face value of £100. Queen Elizabeth II adorns the front of the coin. Lady Britannia graces the reverse of these coins. She has an enigmatic presence on the coin, holding an olive branch and the trident in the two hands. The reverse side of the coin also bears the year of minting. These gold coins are available in convenient sizes of 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.5, and 1 oz.

The silver Britannia coins are available in 0.5 and 1 ounce.


Besides the gold coins series of British Britannia, the Royal Mint also produces Queen’s Beasts and British Sovereign series of coins.


For investors who are looking to investment in bullions, the option of gold Britannia coins are a popular option. This is specially so for the UK residents. The tax benefits that it promises in the form of VAT and Capital Gains Tax exemptions are simply too attractive to ignore.


There are many outlets that buy and sell gold Britannia coins not only in Britain but in all major financial markets.


Gold Britannia coins are very popular as an investment product. You can easily buy Britannia gold coins and also sell it for a profit.

It is produced and marketed by the Royal Mint. Unlike many gold investment products that come in the form of paper bonds, these are physical gold assets that you take possession of after your investment. These are very popular investment products, especially among the UK residents. Gold Britannia coins are highly tax-efficient investment options that make it all the more attractive assets for investment.

How Can You Identify 2021 Britannia Gold Coins?

2021 Bullion gold coins are truly different. These coins have the greatest security features. As a result, an investor can invest in these coins with complete security.

To identify these coins, you have to look at the back of the coin. The image of Britannia has a new and animated background. Light reflect the waves behind her.

The second symbol is an image close to the feet of the Britannia. This symbol/image has two dormant images inside it. A padlock or a trident can be seen, But not at the same time.

The third feature is the micro-text. This text has been added around the image of Britannia. The text serves dual purposes. It adds beauty and security to the coin.

The fourth security feature is a new design. The shield of Britannia has Union Flag carved on it. Some tincture lines appear on this shield. Thus, the shield looks more beautiful.

Just look at these features before buying the bullion coin. It would help you to identify the 2021 gold coins.

What Are Britannia Gold Proof Coins?

Britannia gold proof coins are made for coin collectors. These coins can be bought in sets and in singles. You can also get a ‘certificate of authenticity’ with these coins.

How Can You Detect A 2021 Gold Proof Coin?

The front part of the coin has the image of Elizabeth II. On the reverse, the lady Britannia’s image can be seen. But, the image of Britannia has a new pose on this coin.

Britannia and her lion are in a sitting position. One of her hands has the trident and the shield. The other hand is on the back of the lion. The radial sunburst, flowing hair, helmet, and hard chin lines are also part of the lady Britannia’s image.

Britannia gold coins are real treasures. In 2021 these coins become more special. Because this year the Queen of Britain celebrates her 95th birthday. So, collect and invest in these 2021 gold coins without any hesitation.

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