one ounce britannia gold coin

Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin

Gold has been one of the most precious metals on Earth. People have desired and cherished to own this metal. Wars have been fought and people have been killed to possess Gold. Hence, Gold will never lose its value and charm.

But, time has changed. Now, people use paper money for all kinds of transactions. Gold is only used to make ornaments and micro-chips. However, it doesn’t mean Gold has lost its value. Rather Gold’s price is surging higher and higher.

Because of Gold’s surging value, many people invest in Gold. Some people invest in Gold digitally. They choose the stock market to trade in Gold. But, to see the true profit, one should buy physical Gold coins. There are many reasons for investing in physical gold coins.

Why Should You Invest In Physical Gold Coins?

1) A Timeless Investment

Physical Gold coins are almost imperishable. Paper money can be burned or damaged. But, it’s not easy to destroy Gold. This metal doesn’t lose it’s shine easily. Furthermore, the stock market or digital Gold trading market may crash. But, if you buy physical Gold, then you are in full control of this precious metal. No natural calamity can destroy physical Gold coins easily. That’s why it’s a safe and timeless investment.

2) Sell Whenever You Wish

The Gold trading market requires lots of paperwork. So, you can’t sell your digital Golds quickly. Moreover, Gold Stock Market is highly volatile. Hence, you may not get the right price at the right time. But, you can sell physical Gold coins whenever you wish. You just have to sell the coins to the store or you can sell these coins online. So, it’s easy to sell physical Gold coins.

3) Easy To Store

Gold is a highly dense material. That’s why you can store lots of Gold coins in a short place. Hence, you won’t face any difficulty to store Gold coins.

4) A Precious Asset

Gold coins are a precious asset. You can pass this asset to the next generation. So, you and your next generation can posses this asset. Gold’s price will rise in value with time. Therefore, it’s a marvelous investment.

5) An Investment That Never Fails

Gold is naturally born. Humans can’t produce Gold artificially. So, Gold’s value will never diminish. It will stay forever and its price will go up. That’s why investment in physical Gold coins is a wise decision.

How Can You Invest In Physical Gold Coins?

There are many ways to buy physical Gold coins. But, the Britannia Gold coins are the purest coins. These coins are produced by ‘The Royal Mint’. Therefore, these coins are completely legal and certified. Hence, you can trust these coins blindly.

Why Should You Buy Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin?

1) A Variety Of Collectible Coins

Britannia Gold coins are available in many inscriptions. Originally Britannia Gold coins came in the market in 1987. Since then, ‘The Royal Mint’ has produced many types of flagship Gold Coins.

You can have – Second world war Gold coins, Queen Elizabeth Gold coins, Victoria Young Gold coin (1852), Edward Vii Gold coins, First world war aviation Gold coins, and more exclusive Gold Coins.

Apart from that, Britannia Gold Coins are also available in gift boxes and coin sets. Furthermore, you can also have some rare historical documents with these Gold coins. As a result, Britannia Gold coins are truly rare and extraordinary.

2) Perfect Weight

You may want to buy Gold coins of different sizes. Hence, ‘The Royal Mint’ produces Gold coins in many weights. They have – Britannia one ounce Gold coin, 1/2 oz Gold coin, 1/10 oz Gold coin, 1/4 oz Gold coin. This means you can invest in all these types of gold coins.

Moreover, Britannia Gold coins in 1987 were available in 22 carat Gold. But, in 2013 these coins became available in 24 carat Gold. As a result, these coins have almost 99.9% pure Gold in them. Such solid coins are perfect for investment. So, buy these coins and invest in physical Gold.

3) Historic Look

The one ounce Gold Britannia coins have two sides. Elizabeth II’s face is carved on the top side and the reverse side has the Britannia image. Consequently, the coin reflects a historical look.

Britannia is a historic symbol in the UK. Britannia’s symbol was used by the Romans on their coins. When they came to England, they circulated the Britannia image. The term ‘Britain’ also came from the term ‘Britannia’.

The Britannia coins have Britannia goddess’s figure carved on these coins. The figure holds a trident in one hand and an olive branch and a shield on the other hand.

The Elizabeth II and the Britannia image make these Gold coins truly remarkable.

4) Easy To Buy and Sell

Some Gold coins involve complex buying and selling process. But, these Britannia Gold coins are truly easy to buy. You can visit The Royal Mint’s official website to choose and buy the Gold coins. Apart from that, there are more reliable sites to buy these one ounce Gold coins.

To sell these Gold coins you can visit any legal Gold dealer. Furthermore, you can also sell these coins to a private collector. A private collector may pay you a higher value. Even the official Royal Mint website is also ready to buy back these Gold coins.

‘The Royal Mint’ is owned by the UK Government. Hence, you can buy and sell these Gold coins easily.

5) No Tax and No VAT

This is the biggest advantage of investing in the Britannica Gold Coins. You don’t have to pay any Capital Gains Tax and VAT. If you are a British citizen, then, you can possess these coins without taxes. So, these coins are ideal for investment in physical Gold.

‘The Royal Mint’ has vault storage systems and safety deposit boxes. You can choose either of these options to store your Britannia Gold coins. It’s a highly secured facility offered by ‘The Royal Mint’. You can also request them anytime to liquidate your Gold coins.

Such wonderful features make these Britannia one ounce Gold coins perfect for investment. Moreover, you can also collect these historic coins to expand your treasure. Therefore, buy the Britannia Gold Coins and secure your monetary future.

How Can You Detect a Genuine Gold Britannia Bullion Coin (2020 and 2021)?

A Britannia one ounce Gold coin has certain features. If you have not seen a Britannia coin, then you should never be worried.

2020 and 2021 Britannia gold coins are introduced with great security features. These coins are designed by Philip Nathan and Jody Clerk. So, this is a great feature. You can see ‘Nathan’ engraved at the feet of Britannia.

The Image of Lady Britannia is almost the same. She is seen standing in two coins. But, the 2020 coin has a radial sunburst in Britannia’s background. This is a unique sign of a 2020 gold Britannia bullion coin.

Britannia 2021 Bullion Coins and Its 4 Unique Features:

The 2021 bullion coin has great security features. If you are a new buyer/collector/investor, then you have to check for 4 unique features

1) You can see a small circular symbol near the (left side) leg. This symbol changes. It has a padlock and the trident symbol of Britannia. Either of these marks is visible at one time.

2) The second security feature is the animated background. The background of Britannia has waves. But, the waves are not seen all the time. You have to move the coin to bring the waves to life.

3) The shield of Britannia has the image of the Union Flag. But, this flag has tincture lines. Stress on tincture lines reflects more light and makes the coin more detailed.

4) The fourth security feature is truly hard to copy. Some words – DECUS ET TUTAMEN – are engraved around the lady Britannia’s image. The engravings are so tiny. The words mean – an ornament and a safeguard.

So, ‘The Royal Mint’ has designed the most secured gold coin ever. The coin is designed like a hologram. Hence, anybody can look for these features to buy a 2021 bullion gold coin.

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