Examining the 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign

For those interested in the historical value of the coin, the 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign stands as an exceptionally interesting piece that deserves at least a little bit of merit. With only 4,999 coins minted, this unique piece has long since sold out in it’s only run and is quickly becoming an increasing rarity in the eyes of collectors interested in both it’s uniqueness and it’s historical value. For those looking to find out exactly why this coin is becoming such a big deal in the eyes of collectors, read on to find out all about the 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign and why it may be coin to start tracking down sooner rather than later.

What Is the 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign?

Minted independently of the Royal Mint, authorised by Tristan da Cunha, and sold exclusively through Hattons of London for a fairly exuberant price tag upon it’s initial run, this unique coin sold out quick and is now looking to become one of the most sought-afters coins in not just the United Kingdom, but the world. Although the uniqueness and rarity of this piece may make it so it’s not a reasonable investment in terms of pure gold, being made of only 22 karat and certainly going for more than it’s weight in gold would warrant, others may find this unique piece a worthwhile investment just from a collector’s standpoint alone.

A Unique Coin with a Very Limited Run

The 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign is certainly an exceptional piece in many ways, not the least of which is it’s notably limited run. Made in an attempt to unite the nation in times of social unrest, this coin features an unprecedented four sides, one for each of the four countries making up the United Kingdom. By focusing on unity rather than division, this coin stands alongside the proud tradition of Britannia coins exemplifying only the most forward-thinking, positive, and wealth-inspiring aspects of the nation.

Worth More for It’s Collector’s Appeal Than It’s Gold

While the coin may not be worth it just in terms of pure precious metal investment, it does have a lot of interesting merits as a historical piece and collector’s item that may interest buyers, some of whom may even think the coin may increase in value in years to come. For one thing, the coin features a unique four-sided design that makes it quite unlike any other coin in circulation. This design, along with it’s gorgeous and poignant engravings, make this coin an interesting spectacle that many collector’s won’t want to live without. As well, the historical and sentimental poignancy of the coin itself may be enough to interest certain buyers who appreciate the coin’s commemoration of the nation.

Certainly, the fact that this was minted independently of the Royal Mint and sold as an exclusive through Hattons of London in such a limited run has seen this coin bubble in price as a collector’s item. While value added though historical merit and uniqueness is likely to stay and even grow as time goes on, value added by simply being an overpriced exclusive may not always stand the test of time so well. Hopefully, those who invest in this coin as a collector’s piece will find that it’s value maintains and grows over time. Either that, or the sentimental value of this piece maintains. Still, this is definitely an interesting coin that could easily prove to be a sought after piece for many years to come.

A Beautiful and Inspiring Engraving

The engraving itself is typically gorgeous of the Britannia canon, with little details that make it stand out amongst it’s fellows. As well, the fact that this was designed outside of the traditional Royal Mint team gives this coin a unique look apart from it’s one-of-a-kind four-sided design. For some, this deference from tradition may be off-putting in comparison to other Britannia coins, but others will find that this uniqueness is just another part of what makes this coin so valuable in their eyes. Certainly, there is no other coin like the 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign. Serving in many ways as a commemoration of Britannia’s history as a whole just as much as the nation’s, the engraving depicts a gorgeous silhouette of Britannia in front of the HMS Sovereign of the Seas, a ship which dates to around the time of Britannia’s inception. At that time, in 1672, Britannia first began to appearing on coins, a tradition which has continued proudly to this day. The HMS Sovereign of the Seas, the most heavily armed ship in the world at the time, represents strength, perseverance, and integrity, the dominating force which holds the four corners of the nation together under the governing watch of Britannia.

An Interesting Collector’s Piece for the Right Buyer

There is no doubting this coin’s merits as a collector’s piece. Having been authorised by Tristan da Cunha, known for it’s unique coins and culture, there is no other coin on the market quite like it. Although the coin doesn’t pose any value as legal tender in most places and won’t typically be worth as much in gold as it will go for aftermarket, it will certainly continue to serve a place in the collector’s market, and may even go on to find a permanent niche in the hearts of those with historical leanings.

Certainly, this coin shouldn’t be seen as a good investment for those looking to procure gold bullion. Traditional gold Britannia coins printed by the Royal Mint will definitely always be the way to go in these regards. However, the increasingly interesting 2019 Britannia Four Sided Gold Quarter Sovereign does have many of it’s own appeals and is liable to go down in history as one of the most interesting coins to come from the nation, in recent times or otherwise. Certainly, for these reasons or just for the historical appeal, this is a coin that may be worth tracking down for the right buyer.