Quarter Ounce Britannia Gold Coins

Why Gold Coins Are Worth Investing?

1) One Of The Most Precious Metals

Gold is one of the most precious metals on Earth. From ancient times, Gold has kept its impression in the mind of Humans. Long wars have been fought only to possess Gold. Hence, Gold has a special place in the world of Humans. Gold will never lose its charm and its demand will never fall.

2) Almost Imperishable

Unlike paper money Gold is imperishable. In reality, Kings in ancient times used Gold for expensive transactions. But, today Gold is not so easily used. Gold has its exclusive usages. Because this yellow metal has a great quality. It decays very slowly. As a result, you can posses Gold for many years.

3) The Right Investment

Gold’s price will never come down. Its price is surging and it will surge high. You can invest in Gold now and it will give you a great return 10 years later. Furthermore, Gold’s price is not so volatile. Even, Its Stock market price stays almost stable for long days. Hence, Gold is the right investment for you and for the next generation.

4) Ease Of Storage

If you buy physical Gold Coins, then it’s really easy to store. Because Gold is one of the heaviest and densest metal. Hence, you can store a large amount of Gold in a short space.

5) Liquidate At Your Wish

You can sell Gold Coins at any time. Physical Gold coins are easy to buy and easy to sell. Gold always has a great market. Hence, you can find a buyer easily. This means you can carry or possess Gold coins without being worried.

What Are Britannia Gold Coins?

Britannia Gold Coins emerged in the market in 1987. ‘The Royal Mint’ launched these Gold coins. In 1987 these coins were of 22 Carat Gold. But later in 2013, these coins were launched with 24 Carat Gold.

‘The Royal Mint’ is run by the UK Government. It’s a legal and certified company. Consequently, Britannia Gold coins are ideal coins for investment.

How To Buy Britannia Gold Coins?

To buy Britannia Gold coins you can visit The Royal Mint’s official website. There you can see different types of Gold coin collections. Now, choose a Gold coin and buy it. They have a safe and secure online transaction process. So, you can trust them blindly.

There are many websites to buy Britannia Gold Coins. But, before buying you should check the background of these websites.

Why Britannia Gold Coins Are Perfect For Investing?

1) Exclusive Coin Editions

Britannia Gold coins are available in many exclusive editions. You can buy – New coins, Historic coins, Collectible coins, Sovereigns, Gold Proof coins, and more.

Apart from that, one ounce Britannia Gold Coins, half ounce Britannia Gold coins, quarter ounce Britannia Gold coins, and one tenth ounce Britannia Gold coins can also be bought.

You can also buy guineas, pennies, shillings, and many Royalty coins. Such a huge coin edition is truly

praiseworthy. If you want to collect some rare Gold coins, then Britannia Gold coins are the perfect choice for you.

2) Different Types Of Size, Weight, and Value

Many people want to invest in Gold with a low budget. Hence, Britannia coins are available in different weights and values. The one ounce Britannia Gold Coins are truly famous. Apart from that, half ounce Gold coins, quarter ounce Gold Coins, one tenth ounce gold coins are also popular.

The one ounce Gold coins have above 32 mm diameter and over 31 grams of weight. Half ounce gold coins have 27 mm diameter and above 15 grams of weight. Quarter ounce Britannia gold coins have 22 mm diameter and almost 8 grams of weight.

Hence, you can easily choose a Gold coin for investment purposes.

3) Historic Symbols

Historic coins look stunning and remarkable. Hence, ‘The Royal Mint’ has designed its coins carefully. Their one ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 1/4th ounce gold coins have two historic faces engraved on them. The coin has Elizabeth II -s face on one side and the lady Britannia’s symbol on the other side. These two historic figures make Britannia Gold coins more interesting and attractive.

4) Gift Boxes and Sets

These Gold coins can be bought in singles, gift boxes, and sets. As a result, you can buy different types of rare Britannia gold coins. You can also gift these Gold coins to your near and dear ones. Because it will truly be a precious gift.

5) Easy To Liquidate

Britannia Gold coins are easy to buy and easy to sell. You can buy it from the ‘The Royal Mint’s official website. Furthermore, you can sell these coins to any private gold dealer or to a Gold coin collector. The Royal Mint’s official website buys back these Gold coins. Hence, you can sell these Gold coins whenever you wish.

6) Great Storage Options

‘The Royal Mint’ allows ample security measures to store these coins. They are offering ‘vault’ and ‘safety deposit boxes’. This coin producing company has followed stringent rules to secure your Britannia Gold coins. You can have 24/7 security. That’s why you can buy and store these Britannia Gold coins without any hesitation.

7) No VAT and No CGT

Investing in Gold coins often include huge taxes. But Britannia Gold coins can be bought without VAT and Capital Gains Tax. As a result, you can get a high return on these coins.

The versatility of these Britannia coins is truly ingenious. A person can invest in these Gold coins. Apart from that, a person can also collect these Gold coins. Hence, these coins can serve dual purposes.

Digital Gold coins are good. But, one can’t show those coins. Moreover, digital gold coins may involve some complex steps before buying and selling. But, physical Britannia Gold coins are truly easy to buy, sell, and store.

The one ounce Britannia Gold coins, the quarter ounce Britannia Gold coins, and the half ounce Britannia Gold coins are the perfect coins. These coins have the right weight and the right diameter. So, you can buy these coins to start your first Gold investment.