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The 2019 Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin

Gold Britannia coins were first issued in 1987 and serve as official pieces of currency issued by the Royal Mint. However, their status as gold bullion also makes them a unique and incredible investment that goes well beyond their face value as a 100-pound coin. As well, if you are looking to invest in gold bullion, doing so in the form of gold Britannia coins can prove beneficial as the fact that they are considered legal tender means they are not taxed the same way as other forms of investment. If you are looking to get into investing in gold Britannia coins, starting with a recent iteration, such as the 2019 Britannia one ounce gold coin, may be the way to go.

Knowing Which Gold Britannia Coins Are Best to Invest In

Those looking to invest in Britannia coins have a lot of choices, as 1oz gold Britannia coins have been pressed every single year since their inception in 1987. As well, other forms and variants of the Britannia coin, in both gold, silver, and platinum, have been introduced, making for a lot of varieties available to those who wish to invest in some form of the famous coin. As the highest denominational coin on the market, made, as of 2013, out of 24 karat gold, the 1oz gold Britannia, however, still stands are the ultimate piece for both collectors and investors, issuing a hefty premium in both it’s current year run and an even heftier premium for coins from the past.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck from Britannia Coins

If you are looking to purchase gold Britannia coins, it stands to reason that you will want to purchase them for the smallest sum possible. They are an investment, after all, and the less money you spend to purchase them, the more money you stand to make from them in the long-run. While there are different methods to go about finding cheap loose gold Britannia coins, the easiest way to acquire large sums of gold Britannia coins for as cheaply as possible is to look to current runs, or runs from recent years. For this reason, the 2019 Britannia one ounce gold coin can be seen as a great investment for those looking to transfer large sums of money over to gold bullion.

Purchasing the 2019 Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin

The 2019 Britannia one ounce gold coin can be bought uncirculated if you can still find them and will come individually or in tubes of 10. Already circulated coins can be bought individually or in any other type of batch. Buying larger batches of recent runs of Britannia coins is cheaper because they are more widely available. Traditionally, the older coins go up in value ever so slightly, and that value is only going to increase when trying to buy exuberant sums. In investment terms, however, the older coins may also increase in value faster than coins from a more current run. This is a slight trade-off you will have to make, though the recent runs will certainly increase in value overtime, as well. On top of this, even the rarest Britannia releases only see a slight increase in price overall compared to more current runs. It’s a difference of around 100 pounds, typically, but that difference can really add up for either bad or good when it comes to investing in larger quantities.

A Piece of Britannia Herself

The gold Britannia coin means more to many people, it’s creators included, than either it’s face value as legal tender or it’s more exuberant value as gold bullion. The coins, named after the feminine embodiment of Great Britain, can be called both collector’s pieces and pieces of art, each year featuring a run of unique engravings featuring Britannia herself in some pose symbolic of the triumph of the country. Gold Britannia coins are worth their weight in gold both historically and literally, which makes them a unique investment for many over pure gold bullion.

Examining the 2019 Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin Engraving

The 2019 run of 1oz gold coins features an engraving of Britannia standing alongside a lion. Both Britannia and her companion represent the strength, vitality, and wealth of their country, something which is perfectly embodied by the 24 karat gold they are engraved on. With gold Britannia coins, you get not only a monetary investment but a piece of history, and a slight investment in British culture. The engravings featured on Britannia coins of all shapes and sizes are awe-inspiring, and the engraving on the 2019 run of the 1oz gold Britannia coin is one of the most striking engravings in recent years.

Gold Britannia Coins Are a Great Investment

Whether you’re looking for a fun hobby, a great investment, or a collector’s piece that won’t just sit and gather dust over the years, purchasing one or more gold Britannia coins is an easy way to get something more out of the future. With the 24 karat gold and it’s authentic engraving, you can hold a piece of Britannia herself, and utilize all of the strength and value that she has to offer. More than just a simple investment in gold, gold Britannia coins are an investment that keeps on giving, and also serve as a reminder of the strength and perseverance of the world.

As investments, gold Britannia coins go up in value not only as pure gold bullion but as collector’s items. On top of the lack of taxation as a result of their status as legal tender, this attribute make gold Britannia coins one of the most sensible and economical investments that a person can make. Available around the globe based on the current price of gold bullion, gold Britannia coins make a great investment for people from any nation, and especially those who come from the country that Britannia has come to represent.

The 2019 Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin Is the Perfect Coin to Kickstart Your Investing!

There is no more feasible way to get into collecting gold Britannia coins than to start by collecting recent runs, and ordering one or more of the 2019 Britannia one ounce gold coin would make an excellent entry point for any potential coin enthusiast or precious metal investor. The value of gold is one of the few things that you can count on to always be on the rise, and the value of history that the gold Britannia coin brings to the table is only icing on the cake. The 2019 1oz gold Britannia coin is the perfect precious metal coin to invest in today!

How ‘The Royal Mint’ Has Enhanced Its Gold Coin’s Security in 2021?

2019 Britannia one ounce gold coin and 2020 Britannia one ounce gold coins have almost the same design. You can see lady Britannia holding her trident and she is standing. She has an olive branch and her pride shield on the other hand.

But, ‘The Royal Mint’ has enhanced its 2021 bullion gold coin’s design. They have made their new 2021 gold coins truly secured. In reality, investors always demand physical gold coins with some unique security features. That’s why ‘The Royal Mint’ has enhanced their gold coin’s design.

You will get 4 unique and perfect security features in 2021 Britannia gold coins:

1) Animated Background

You can see the animated background of Lady Britannia’s image. The Lady has waves behind her image. Though, the waves are only visible when you move the coin a bit.

In 2019 and 2020 you can see radial sunburst design in the image’s background. So, the background has changed.

2) A Latent/Dormant Image

A small circular mark is seen near the feet of Britannia. This is a latent image of a trident and a padlock. You can only see either of these images.

3) Micro Text

A micro text, Decus ET Tutamen – is engraved around Lady Britannia’s image. This text is not seen on 2019 and 2020 gold coins. So, you should look for this text when you buy 2021 Britannia gold coins.

4) New Shield Design

In 2019 and 2020 gold coins Lady Britannia is seen with her shield. The shield has the Union Flag’s image on it. But, in 2021 the shield has tincture lines. These lines are sharply designed. Hence, light reflects from the shield and the shield looks shinier.

Philip Nathan and Jody Clerk’s designs are followed in the 2021 coins. But, the four security features make these gold coins easier to detect. Moreover, ‘The Royal Mint’ is a reputed producer of Britannia Bullion Gold Coins. So, investors and collectors can buy these gold coins safely.

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