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What is the gold Britannia coin?

The gold Britannia is one ounce of gold, which measures 32.69mm and a weight of 34.050 g. The coin was minted for the first time in 1987. The Britannia coin is a British bullion coin that is issued by the royal mint in various fractions. It is issued in half, quatre, and a tenth of an ounce. The coins patterns depict different features of Britannia, which is a female personification of the UK. Since 1987, the Bullion has been releasing various coins in silver and platinum. However, the gold Britannia coin has been made to present Bullion’s modern face.

Key features

  • The gold Britannia is made of one ounce of fine gold.
  • Capital Gains Tax-free for UK residents
  • It is a limited and special edition of the Britannia coin.
  • VAT free for non-VAT registered private individuals
  • It is packaged in single coin capsules.
  • 1 oz of 999.9 fine gold (24 carats)

History of the gold Britannia coin 2019

Britannia’s history traces back to many years with Britain’s coinage. Britannia is known for having represented the nation for more than 2000 years. She traces back to the period when the Romans invaded the Isles and made them on the Britannia’s province. Britannia appeared first on Emperor Hadrian circa AD 119 Roman coins. She was then used in the 1972 Charles II coinage.

The Britannia gold coins are best known for their beauty and attractive design. They are also reliable in terms of their weight and quality. These factors have been verified at the trial of the Pyx. The Britannia is a symbol of the reliability of Britain’s minting.

The 2019 Britannia gold coin features Philip Nathan’s design. The coin was chosen to represent and honor the Britannia bullions first coin in 1987. Such makes it a modern masterpiece. Britain may no longer rule the waves, but British gold Britannia has played a big role in any gold bullion coin collection. Britain no longer rules the waves, but British gold Britannia has played a significant role in any gold bullion coin collection.

Why invest in gold Britannia

Investors have found a great item to add to their investment portfolio. The gold Britannia coins come in different margins that are ideal for investment. Considering that the Britannia gold coins are Capital Gains Tax-free, then this makes them a lucrative investment to focus on. The coins are considered to be Capital Gains Tax-free because they have been made a legal tender in the UK. As well, the UK/EU legislation renders the Britannia gold coin VAT free. As compared to other types of investment, the Britannia gold coins attract minimal risks. Most of the organizations trading the coin make an insured delivery. Such reduces the risk associated with the transportation process of the Britannia gold coins.

Additionally, investing in the Britannia gold coin 2019 would require an individual to have enough knowledge on how to go about the investment. Such knowledge involves the cost of the gold Britannia coins and the means of transportation. The fact that the coins are a legal tender in Britain attracts a lot of large investors. This makes them one of the popular investments that a person can invest in. The best part about the coin is that it does not only come in one ounce but in other fractions. Among them are in half and quarters. The coin, having been introduced in 1987, has become the highest denomination coin with a face value of £100.

Investing in gold Britannia coin gives people an opportunity to own one of the rarest coins in the realm. Its symbol represents Britain’s reliability in minting, which has motivated most investors to buy the Britannia gold coins.

What you need to know about Britannia gold coin 2019

Like other gold coins, the Britannia gold coin is advantageous because its weight is very low compared to its weight. Such means that sellers and buyers can transport a large amount of the coins. Given the coin’s weight, their transportation cost is affordable. In contrast to traditional gold coins that were not made of pure gold, the Britannia gold coin is made up of pure gold. Therefore, such has made it to be considered a coin of high quality. It is one of the most popular gold coins in the market and attracts a lot of investors. The transportation of the gold coins is insured, and this makes them a safe item for investment.

Britannia gold coins are made from gold bullion. A precious metal available in bulk is known as bullion. Bullion metals are, in most cases, traded in the market for various uses. In the UK, Bullion is minted into various coins such as the Britannia gold coin, which is, in turn, traded in the market. Coins minted from Bullion are valued based on their purity instead of their face value of money. Therefore, this is the reason as to why the Britannia gold coin is considered to be one of the most popular gold coins in the market. It is made from pure gold, and its quality has been verified.

The Britannia gold coin 2019 is considered as a way of storing value or hedging against inflation. Therefore, many investors find it a lucrative investment. If you buy 1 oz gold Britannia gold coin, it will be worth £100. The coin is from the royal mint, which is best known for the manufacturing of quality merchandise. The royal mint is a well-known and respected brand, and therefore, there are no chances that the Britannia gold coin would be of bad quality. Britannia gold coins can be termed as a flagship of the royal mint. If purchased in quantities of tens, the Britannia gold coins would come in a royal mint tube. Unlike other gold coins, this coin is a representation of royalty. The royal mint is the oldest mint in history. It has minting coins from various Bullion, and such has gained it a lot of fame in the market for gold coins.

The Britannia gold 2019 coin is a new 24-carat gold that popular investors have been seeking to purchase. The gold coins are tangible assets or store of value. Purchasing the Britannia gold coins allows an individual to hedge against inflation.

The Differences Between Britannia Gold Coin 2019 and Gold Coin 2021

Bullion Gold Coins –

In 2019 Britannia gold coins didn’t have any specific security feature to identify them visually. But, ‘The Royal Mint’ wanted to mint something unique and beautiful in 2021. After all 2021 observes the historic 95th birthday of its queen – Elizabeth II. That’s why 2021 Britannia gold coins have some major differences in their designs.

1) Both of these coins have the image of Britannia on their back. But, the background of Britannia is completely different. The 2019 bullion gold coin has a sunburst design. But, the 2021 gold coin has an animated background. You can see waves behind Britannia’s image.

2) 2019 gold coins have no special images. But, 2021 bullion gold coins have a round-shaped image. The image appears near the feet of Britannia. It has two dormant symbols inside it – a padlock and a trident. You see only either of these new symbols at the same time.

3) Britannia has her trident, shield, and an olive branch in 2019 gold coins. 2021 gold coins also have a similar design. But, the shield of Britannia has some new designs on it. The Union Flag on the shield has several tincture lines on it. Thus, the shield won’t match with the 2019 gold coin’s design.

4) A new micro-text is engraved in 2021 gold coins. DECUS ET TUTAMEN – can’t be found on 2019 gold coins. But, 2021 bullion gold coins have this micro text.

Gold Proof Coins –

2019 and 2021 Britannia gold proof coins have the image of Britannia on their back. You can see Britannia is sitting with her lion in these coins.

But, the 2019 gold proof coin shows Britannia’s image from one side and she holds her trident pointed forward. But, the 2021 gold proof coin shows Britannia from her front. Her entire face is visible and she has sunburst in her background.

So, if you want to buy Britannia gold coins, then you should notice all the above differences. The above features will help you to identify a Britannia gold coin 2019 and 2021.

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